Premium personalised pet tags with engraving that's guaranteed to last.

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Personalised Dog Tags & Cat Tags from Australia

We're here to put a tag on every collar!

There's nothing worse than losing sight of your beloved pet. With a personalised pet ID tag, you can add an extra layer of protection to help your pet return home safely if they wander off. 

Dog Tags

We cater to all types of dogs and their owners by offering dog tags that can be hard to find elsewhere.

Silent Dog Tags

If you have a small dog, or if you just don't like the noise from regular tags, our brand new silent dog tags are perfect for you. They're made from durable silicone and stainless steel, and they slide on your dogs collar. All our dog name tags can be personalised. We use the latest laser technology to engrave your tag, which makes your personal details easy to read and they won't fade off. 

Unique Dog Tags

Got a dog with a big personality? You'll love our unique dog tags that are designed to match unique personalities. They're perfect for special occasions, and just like with the silent dog tags, you can add your personal details on the back-side, to help your dog return home safely if they ever wander off. 

Cat Tags

Cats are curious and love to go explore if they can. To protect cats on their adventures, we have both unique and silent cat tags in appropriate sizes for small cat collars.