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How To Silence Dog Tags

If you’re wondering how to silence dog tags, you have the following options: silence your existing tag (scroll down to find out how) or purchase a new silent dog tag.

How To Silence A Dog Tag You Already Own

To silence a dog tag you already own you can either put something on its outer edges or swap your attachment ring.

It’s the outer edges clashing with the attachment ring that’s causing dog tags to rattle and make sounds. Basically metal touching metal – so by replacing one metal element with something else you can stop the sound.

So, in short, you can either get a plastic tag clip or put adhesive tape or a rubber band around the tag.

Purchase A New Silent Dog Tag

Silent dog tags are either slide-on tags or hanging tags made from materials that aren’t metal.

We sell silent slide-on tags, which include an engraved metal plate that sits on a silicone strap. The tag slides on the collar and sits flat on it, therefore not making any noise.

Alternatively you can look for tags made from materials such as plastic or leather. As long as only the attachment ring is made from metal, and the name tag is made of a different material, you shouldn’t get any rattling noise from the dog tag.

We hope this helps and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.